Há melhor.

Monday morning wake up knowing that youve got to go to school
Tell your mum what to expect, she says its right out of the blue
Do you went to work in debenhams, because thats what they expect
Start in lingerie, and doris is your supervisor

And the head said that you always were a queer one from the start
For careers you say you went to be remembered for your art
Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange
Making life-size models of the velvet underground in clay

In the queue for lunch they take the piss, youve got no appetite
And the rumour is you never go with boys and you are tight
So they jab you with a fork, you drop the tray and go berserk
While your cleaning up the mess the teachers looking up your skirt

Youve been used, youre confused
Write a song, Ill sing along
Are you calm? settle down
Soon you will know that you are sane
Youre on top of the world again

Monday morning wake up knowing that youve got to go to school
Mum said she had little choice when she was young, so why should you?
Do you went to work in c&a, cause thats what they expect
Move to ladieswear and take a feel off joe the storeman

Tell veronica the secrets of the boy you never kissed
Shes got everything to gain cause shes a fat girl with a lisp
She sticks up for you when you get aggravation from the snobs
cause you cant afford a blazer and youre always wearing clogs

At the interval you lock yourself away inside a room
Heed of english gets you, asks you, what the hell do you think youre doing?
Do you think youre better then the other kids? well get outside.
Youve got permission, but youve got to make the bastard think hes right.

"Expectations" por Belle & Sebastian

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