The Gross-Out Factor, Pauline W. Chen

(...) Pavlov, of the drooling dog fame, believed that habituation could be simply reversed. Others have asserted that repeat sensitization could interrupt a learned reflex. But for our human quandaries, extricating ourselves from habituation and the inevitable sliding ideals requires another, more complex process altogether. (...)

Welcome to 'Palestine', Robert Fisk

(...) I recall years ago being summoned to the home of a PA official whose walls had just been punctured by an Israeli tank shell. All true. But what struck me were the gold-plated taps in his bathroom. Those taps—or variations of them—were what cost Fatah its election. Palestinians wanted an end to corruption—the cancer of the Arab world - and so they voted for Hamas and thus we, the all-wise, all-good West, decided to sanction them and starve them and bully them for exercising their free vote. Maybe we should offer “Palestine” EU membership if it would be gracious enough to vote for the right people? (...)

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