Aquecimento Global

Interessantérrimo este artigo no
The Seattle Times.

A seguir um excerto da peça anexa em que especialistas da matéria são questionados:

What is the major argument used by the "debunkers" of global warming? What can be done by the average citizen to help stop global warming?
— Kate Yamamoto, Bellingham

Snover: It's interesting to look at how the major argument used by the skeptics has shifted over time. From "the greenhouse effect is a myth" to "there's no evidence of warming" to "there's no way humans can influence climate" to "the climate will probably warm, but it will be a good thing," the argument has shifted over the years.
In an earlier post [below] I described some things that an "ordinary" person (is there any such thing?) can do about global warming. These could be broken down as follows:

• Individual action (reduce actions that rely on fossil fuels, e.g., in transportation, home heating and lighting, consumption.)

• Collective action (encourage friends and neighbors to do the same, elect politicians who will make the needed policy changes, work for broad institutional change.)

Shifting the world's economy away from its dependence on fossil fuels is a huge challenge that won't be accomplished by any one change. It will require actions big and small by individuals, corporations and governments around the world. Sometimes people feel like nothing they do matters, but I like to say that the only thing that matters is what people do.

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